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20 TIPS ON USING GM MODULES  Sequencing & MIDI Controllers  July 1998

Some people view GM modules as the chartered accountants of their racks, but believe it or not, there are ways to make them interesting. Paul White and Martin Walker club together to make your GM synth roar.

BREATHE EASY  Sequencing & MIDI Controllers  January 1998
YamahA VL70M Breath-Controller Sequencing Workshop
Paul White finds a few ways around the restricted breath-control facilities of the Yamaha VL70m.

MIDI GUITAR WORKSHOP  Sequencing & MIDI Controllers  February 1994
MIDI Guitar Workshop
Paul White has been a devotee of guitar synths ever since Roland introduced the original GR500 back in the 1970s. Technology has come a long way since then, but there are still various techniques and tricks that can be adopted to make using these fascinating instruments a little less traumatic.

SNEAKY SEQUENCING  Sequencing & MIDI Controllers  February 1995
A Pragmatic Guide To Creative Sequencer Abuse
Paul White reveals more cheats and workarounds aimed at making sequenced instruments sound more realistic.

SPLIT SECOND TIMING  Sequencing & MIDI Controllers  March 2000
Minimising MIDI & Audio Timing Problems In Computer Sequencers
Although MIDI + Audio sequencing packages on both Mac and PC are becoming ever more powerful, 'the timing was tighter on my Atari' is still acommon complaint. Paul White looks at ways of tightening it up, with additional PC information by Martin Walker.

THE RHYTHM METHOD  Sequencing & MIDI Controllers  September 1996
Creating Rhythmic Gate Effects
Paul White reveals how to create rhythmic gate effects, both using conventional hardware and MIDI Controller information.