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20 TIPS ON SMOOTH STUDIO OPERATION  Miscellaneous  May 1999
20 Tips On Smooth Studio Operation
Paul White presents 20 ways to ensure your studio runs smoothly. If only he'd taken notice of them himself, he might be managing Abbey Road by now!

BITS & PIECES  Miscellaneous  August 2000
Frequently Asked Questions: Digital Audio
Confused by word clock? When is it best to normalise a signal? Are optical cables a con? Paul White answers these and other questions we're most often asked about digital audio.

BUYING USED GEAR  Miscellaneous  January 1994
Buying Used Gear
Paul White offers a few tips to help you avoid pitfalls when buying second-hand equipment.

EQUIPMENT VALETING  Miscellaneous  May 1994
Equipment Valeting
All too often we don't really pay much attention to the way our equipment looks until we come to sell it - but as Paul White shows, it only takes a few minutes of TLC to give your gear a complete facelift.

HELP FROM THE HI-FI  Miscellaneous  April 1994
Help For The Hi-Fi
Just when it seems that you don't have the equipment to do a job, you might find that your hi-fi, combined with a little ingenuity, solves the problem. Paul White explains...

LABELLED WITH LOVE  Miscellaneous  January 1995
How To Treat, Label And Store Tape
Paul White explains the APRS tape labelling system and offers a few hints of his own on tape care.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Part 1  Miscellaneous  August 2000
Buying The Equipment You Really Need: Part 1
We've all lusted after the shiny new gear that appears month after month in the pages of Sound On Sound - but how do you know what will make a real difference to your recordings and what will be an expensive luxury? Paul White picks out the areas where money will be well spent, and the products that will take your sound up a gear.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Part 2  Miscellaneous  September 2000
Buying The Equipment You Really Need: Part 2
Last Month, Paul White looked at the vocal recording chain to identify areas in which spending more money would produce better results. This month it's the turn of outboard effects and monitoring.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Part 3  Miscellaneous  October 2000
Buying The Equipment You Really Need: Part 3
In the final instalment of this series, Paul White looks at computers, as well as offering some advice on planning a system that allows for future expansion.

MAKING ROOMS  Miscellaneous  July 2000
Frequently Asked Questions: Soundproofing And Acoustic Treatment
Paul White answers some of the most common questions we receive about soundproofing and acoustic treatment for the home studio.

PLUG-IN PLAY  Miscellaneous  October 2000
Frequently Asked Questions; Using Plug-ins
Caught between TDM, MAS, DirectX and VST? Tangled up in virtual inserts and aux sends? Never fear! Resident Plug-in guru Paul White is here to answer all your most common question, and to help you get the most from software audio processing.

SQUEEZING OUT SPARKS  Miscellaneous  February 1996
Cures for the creatively-challenged
Most of the time, inspiration doesn't so much strike as go on strike - so what can be done to coax it back to work? Paul White proffers a few suggestions.